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The Icky Bug Counting Book

The Icky Bug Counting Book

Jerry Pallotta
Illustrator:  Ralph Masiello 
Board Book
Charlesbridge , 1992   ISBN: 0881064963

There is no doubt that insects are fascinating creatures, and in this beautifully illustrated little book we get to ‘meet’ some of the more bizarre members of the insect world. We also come face to face with some of the insect relatives: spiders, wood lice, millipedes, and daddy-long legs.

Each brightly colored page features one of these little animals and also a number. We begin at the number “zero,” a page empty of animal life, and end with no fewer than twenty-six army ants on the last double spread. A veritable wealth of information accompanies the lively illustrations, which are both fun and informative. For example, have you ever wondered why a Kissing Bug has such an odd name? The answer to this question can be found within these pages.

Throughout the book, the text engages the reader to participate in counting, and asks the reader questions. This format gives the book an engaging tone, which makes reading this book an entertaining and an informative experience.