Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Gaggle Sisters River Tour

The Gaggle Sisters River Tour

Chris Jackson
For ages 5 to 7
Lobster Press, 2002   ISBN: 978-1894222587

Sadie the goose and her sister Dorothy are just about ready to launch their raft - or their "floating stage" as Sadie likes to call it - on the Wriggle River. After they finish loading up the raft and after Sadie hangs up her banner the two sisters set off on their musical tour. Unfortunately for Dorothy, Sadie considers herself to be quite a diva who is unsuited to the manual work of poling the raft along. Indeed Sadie appears to think that she and she alone is the star in their two goose band. Poor Dorothy does her best to please and placate her demanding sister as they slowly float down the river towards their first concert.

At last it is time to begin the first concert but alas Sadie's "Green Beret Of Much Loveliness And High Degree of Style" is very wet after an unfortunate immersion in the river. It takes all of Dorothy's good sense to get her decidedly difficult sister on stage and singing.

Often we don't appreciate those who do so much for us, for those who make our lives easier and who put up with our annoying habits. In this charming and often funny picture book readers will come to appreciate how good Dorothy is to her sister and thankfully, in the end, Sadie herself is able to see this as well. This funny pair is sure to delight readers with their amusing antics and their silly expressions.