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The Forever Forest: Kids Save a Tropical Treasure

The Forever Forest: Kids Save a Tropical Treasure

Kirstin Joy Pratt-Serafini, Rachel Crandell
Illustrator:  Kirstin Joy Pratt-Serafini 
Picture Book
For ages 6 to 8
Dawn Publications, 2008   ISBN: 1584691026

t is summer break and Peter and his mother Anna are visiting the Children’s Eternal Forest in Costa Rica. They are going to stay with Anna’s friends, Rachel and Dwight, who have a cabin on the edge of the reserve. As they walk towards the cabin Peter sees all kinds of marvelous plants and animals.

At the cabin that evening Rachel and Dwight tell Peter how a group of Swedish school children raised money to buy the forest land so that it could be kept pristine and protected for ever.

The next day Anna, Peter, and Dwight go for a hike. As he admires all the beautiful trees, animals, and flowers around him Peter asks his mother more questions about the children who bought the forest all those years ago. To his amazement he learns that his mother was one of them. She and her class in their school in Sweden began the process, but then many other classes from countries all over the world joined in to help.

During a night hike which Peter takes with Mark, an English naturalist, Peter learns that there are some species living in the reserve which might be the only ones of their kind left. If the reserve hadn’t been created the species might have disappeared all together.

Children who feel that they are too young to do anything to save the Earth’s natural wonders will find this book very inspiring. They will see that there are things that children can do to make a difference. Children’s actions may be on a small scale but when you add them up, they end up making a big difference after all.

In addition to the main story readers are provided with information about the animals that Peter sees in the forest. A section at the back of the book tells the complete story of the Children’s Eternal Forest. For those readers who want to know more about the sanctuary they can visit the website.