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The Flower Alphabet Book

The Flower Alphabet Book

Jerry Pallotta
Illustrator:  Leslie Evans 
Nonfiction Picture Book
For ages 6 to 10
Charlesbridge Publishing, 1988   ISBN: 978-0881064537

Children who like to be out in the garden and who like to know the names of things will greatly enjoy this book. For each letter of the alphabet the author highlights a popular kind of flower, telling readers a little bit about it. The information provided is interesting, and it is often humorous as well.

For example did you know that the crocus is often the first flower of spring? Or that Farmers have been known to feed their chickens marigolds so that the chickens have marigold yellow skin? And did you know that violets are not always violet in color. They can also be yellow, white, blue, or red.

For every flower the artist has created lovely artwork with delightful borders which frame the central illustration. To explain the illustrated references that she has used in these borders Leslie Evans has written up a page of ""Artist's Notes"" which can be found at the back of the book. We learn about a Welsh myth which links leeks and daffodils. We also read that violets were the emblem of the people who supported Napoleon Bonaparte. They hoped that their leader would, like the violet, return with the spring. These interesting little details are intriguing and they show readers how much flowers are a part of human history, mythology, the world of art, and more.

This is one in a series of alphabet books written by Jerry Pallotta. Other titles include ""The Extinct Alphabet Book"" and ""The Icky Bug Alphabet Book.""