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The Fantastic Mr. Wani

The Fantastic Mr. Wani

Kanako Usui
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 5
Tiger Tales, 2005   ISBN: 978-1589250543

Mr. Wani, the crocodile, has been invited to a party and he is late. There is nothing for it, he is going to have to run. Unfortunately crocodiles are not the best of runners and Mr. Wani ends up taking quite a tumble. When Mr. Wani finally crashes to the ground he ends up squashing three little mice who are also on their way to the party. Luckily no one is seriously injured and one of the mice comes up with a brilliant idea – to use some party balloons to fly to the party.

At first all goes well until Mrs. Crow flies by. Thinking that the balloons are a bunch of lollipops she swoops in and of course she ends up popping the balloons. Poor Mr. Wani is falling again.

Little children will laugh out loud as they share in Mr. Wani’s outrageous and ludicrous adventures. One cannot help wondering if this poor accident prone animal is going to make it to the party in one piece.

An amusing story full of action and bold illustrations in bright solid colors combine to make this book highly entertaining and amusing.