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The Extinct Files: My Science Project

The Extinct Files: My Science Project

Wallace Edwards
Picture Book
For ages 6 to 8
Kids Can Press, 2006   ISBN: 978-1553379713

Wallace a.k.a. “Wally” Edwards has written a science project for school in which he reveals something which he stumbled across quite by accident. He was meaning to write a project about his pet iguana Spike when he discovered that dinosaurs, which we all believe to be extinct, are not extinct at all. In fact they are living amongst us, cleverly hidden.

In his science project Wally carefully records his observations and describes the behaviors of his subjects. He draws pictures of the dinosaurs that he observes and has some very startling photographs which he has annotated in his own, often amusing, fashion. Wally divides his observations into a series of sections. He looks at habitat, diet, grooming, health and fitness, on the move, communication, mating and offspring, defenses, education, occupations, and recreation.

He comes to the conclusion that dinosaurs have evolved to become not only “very smart,” but they have been able to keep their presence a secret for a long time. Clearly their so called “extinction” is nothing more than “a big cover-up.” Is Wally going to be able to blow the lid off this incredible story and tell the world about his fabulous find?

Presented in the form of a school boy’s project, complete with taped, penciled-in arrows, and string which holds the pages together, this picture book is a delight from start to finish. Readers will love the addendum which has been added to the project at the beginning of the book which will explain perhaps a little, how it is that the dinosaurs have been so successful at staying hidden for so long. Tongue in cheek humor is found throughout the book and wonderfully colorful illustrations give the ‘photographs’ an authentic feel.