Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Earth and I

The Earth and I

Frank Asch
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Harcourt, 1994   ISBN: 0152063951

In this book we are going to meet a boy who has a special relationship the Earth. For him the Earth is a friend and not just a place to live. He likes to go for long walks with his friend, and out in the beautiful countryside the boy and the Earth talk to one another. They listen to each other, they play together, and they help one another.

The boy knows that he and the Earth are tied together. If he helps the Earth to grow, then she will feed him, if he sings to her she will give him a song too. If he dances, the Earth will reciprocate with a dance of her own.

There are times when the Earth is sad and this, in turn, saddens the boy. When he sees the earth looking polluted and ruined the boy does what can to clean his friend up, and her happiness when the work is done is reflected in the boy’s face.

This is the perfect book to share with a child because it shows young readers that the Earth is something which we are connected to, something which we need to care for and love. If we listen to the Earth’s songs and see her beauties our lives will be enriched and we will grow strong in mind and spirit.

With softly colored multimedia paintings throughout, this book is a treasure to share with little children, especially on Earth Day when we celebrate the Earth and her gifts.