Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Dragon of Trelian

The Dragon of Trelian

Michelle Knudsen
For ages 10 to 14
Candlewick, 2009   ISBN: 978-0763634551

Important things are happening in the land of Trelian. Princess Maerlie is going to marry Prince Ryant of Kragnir, and the hope is that this union will end a conflict that has raged between Trelian and Kragnir for many years. Calen, the mage's apprentice, is quietly proceeding with his rather dull lessons when his master Serek asks him to look at some spirit cards. The cards tell Calen that something really terrible is going to happen in the future.

Then, to complicate Calen's life further, Princess Meglynne shows Calen a special secret that she has. Meg found a baby dragon a few months ago and she has been taking care of it ever since. Now the dragon is much bigger, and Meg does not know how she is going to be able to hide it. In addition, she feels a strong connection with the dragon and she is not sure what the connection is. The feeling frightens her, but at the same time she cannot imagine not having the dragon in her life.

When a terrible monster attacks the palace, Calen begins to believe that the spirit cards were telling the truth. Something bad is going to happen, and Calen has no idea what he should do.

In her first novel for young readers, Michelle Knudsen combines magic, romance, myth, intrigue, and adventure to give her readers a highly entertaining read. The author will keep her readers sitting on the edge of their seats right until the last minute.