Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The dragon in the sock drawer

The dragon in the sock drawer

Kate Klimo
Fiction  Series
For ages 8 to 12
Random House, 2008   ISBN: 0375855874

While his parents are working on setting up a clinic in Africa, Jesse is living with his cousin Daisy and her parents in Goldmine City. Though Jesse misses his parents, he can’t help enjoying being in one place for a while, and he really enjoys spending time with Daisy and her family.

One chilly day Jesse and Daisy go rock hunting with Daisy’s father, who loves to study rocks of all kinds. Jesse finds a thunder egg and the most amazing thing about this find is that the egg speaks to him. It actually speaks! How can a rock speak if it doesn’t have a mouth?

Daisy’s father tries to crack open the egg, but it is so hard that all his efforts are in vain. Jesse puts the egg in his sock drawer and a short time later an amazing thing happens, the thunder egg breaks open and a little baby dragon pops out. Daisy and Jesse are thrilled to have the little dragon in their lives, but they soon find out that being a dragon keeper is not easy. Not only do dragons have voracious appetites, but they also have enemies. Can Jesse and Daisy protect their loveable friend?

This first book in a new series is sure to delight readers who like dragon stories. With a perfect balance of adventure and fantasy, this is a tale that is engaging and entertaining.