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The Doodle Book of Feel Good

The Doodle Book of Feel Good

Charise Mericle Harper
Coloring Book
For ages 6 and up
Henry Holt , 2017   ISBN: 978-1250120830

Everybody has days when they feel down; when it feels as if everything is going wrong. It is easy at such times for despondency to take hold, which pulls us down even further. What can we do to break free of feelings of sadness? Some people go out into nature, while others play a musical instrument. Others seek the companionship of friends and family members. What we choose to do to help ourselves regain a positive attitude depends a great deal on our personality. There is one thing that everyone can do which can help enormously to lift the spirits. We can draw.

The problem is that not everyone is an artist. Thankfully this is not an issue these days because artists of all kinds are creating coloring books that are perfect for people who are not able to create something from nothing on a blank piece of paper. There are coloring books of all kinds, and it has been proven that coloring in coloring books can relieve stress levels and improve a person’s mood.

In this coloring book Charise Mericle Harper takes us a step further. She has created coloring pages that are rich in detail and that also give artists a saying or quote that is uplifting and inspirational. The designs are whimsical and charming, and people of all ages will enjoy coloring them in.

The sayings found in the book include: “Yes you can!” “Good feelings are free,” “Change can be good,” and “Dream big.” The designs contain images of plants, animals, and many made up creatures that put a smile on our face when we see them.

Every one of the sixty-two coloring pages in this title are perforated so that artists can remove their artwork from the book to give them away or to display them.

This title would make a wonderful gift for people of all ages.