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Declaration of Independence from A to Z, The

Declaration of Independence from A to Z, The

Catherine L. Osornio
Illustrator:  Layne Johnson 
Nonfiction Picture Book
For ages 6 to 10
Pelican Publishing, 2010   ISBN: 978-1589806764

The American Revolutionary War lasted many years, and many things happened during those years. In fact so many important things happened that it can be hard to keep all the details straight. At what point in the conflict did the famous Boston tea party take place? When did the American public actually hear the words of the Declaration of Independence for the first time?

These and many other interesting questions about this important time in American history are answered in this unique alphabet book. The author not only chose pertinent topics to highlight for every letter of the alphabet, but she also presents them in chronological order, which helps young readers to get a sense of how the events that shook the country at this time unfolded.

The topics chosen include “J is for Thomas Jefferson,” who was the man chosen to put the thoughts of a five man committee into words on paper. “R is for revolution,” a time when the people, fired up by Thomas Jefferson’s rousing words, decided to change their government.

With an engaging text and richly colored illustrations, this is an alphabet book that will surely help young readers to better understand American Revolutionary War history.