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The Dearest Little Mouse in the World

The Dearest Little Mouse in the World

Antonie Schneider
Illustrator:  Quentin Greban 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
North-South Books, 2004   ISBN: 978-0735818910

Every day, Fay the little mouse girl walks to and from school with her friends, and every day she ignores the big black dog who barks “Hello!” to her. Fay is so busy chatting with her friends, that she simply doesn’t notice the dog.

Then one day Fay walks home on her own, and the big, black dog growls and snarls are her, demanding that she “SAY HELLO!” Not surprisingly, little Fay is frightened by this, and she runs home. Fay is in such a state that she refuses to eat any bacon, cheese, chocolate pudding, or grapes. Fay’s behavior greatly worries her mother and father, who ask their daughter to tell them what is wrong.

Fay tells her parents about how the big, black dog growled and snarled at her, and she is amazed when they explain that the dog is not a bad dog. In fact, he is trying to be friends.

In this delightfully sweet picture book, readers will meet a little mouse who learns that friends come in all shapes and sizes. Even individuals who are big and scary looking need someone to notice them, someone to be their friend.