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The Day the Crayons Quit

The Day the Crayons Quit

Drew Daywalt
Illustrator:  Oliver Jeffers 
Picture Book
Penguin, 2013   ISBN: 978-0399255373

One day at school Duncan goes to get his crayons and he finds a bundle of letters waiting for him. When he opens the first letter he discovers that it was written by his red crayon. Apparently the crayon is not very happy with its lot in life. It feels that Duncan makes it “work harder” than all the other crayons. A letter from the purple crayon indicates that this crayon is tired of so much of its “gorgeous color” going out of the lines. In fact, if Duncan doesn’t start coloring inside the lines the purple crayon is “going to completely lose it.”

   The orange and yellow crayons are not on speaking terms so they voice their complaints through their letters to Duncan. The white crayon is tired of being used to color white paper, and the pink crayon is upset the Duncan hardly ever uses it. Of course Duncan had no idea that his crayons were so upset and now he has to find a way to reassure and placate them.

   Readers of all ages are going to enjoy this enormously amusing picture book. Everyone has, at some point, used crayons to draw and write. There is something comforting about their colors, their texture, even their wonderful crayony smell. Who knew that they all had such different personalities and problems!

   With wonderful artwork and a truly unique story, this picture book is sure to become a favorite in homes, classrooms, and libraries.