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The Creation of the U.S. Constitution

The Creation of the U.S. Constitution

Michael Burgan
Illustrator:  Gordon Purcell , Terry Beatty 
Nonfiction Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 7 to 10
Capstone Press, 2006   ISBN: 978-0736864916

After the Declaration of Independence was signed and after the first feelings of euphoria had worn off, the leaders of the new United States set about creating a government and they put together a set of Articles of Confederation which would allow the states to defend themselves and allow their citizens to “protect their liberties.” Unfortunately, once the war against the British was won, it soon became clear that these Articles of Confederation were woefully inadequate.

Under the Articles the thirteen colonies had so many powers that it was almost as if they were thirteen independent countries. Each state had different money, there was no cap on taxes, and the overall result was that rebellion broke out in many parts of the country. Finally Congress called a convention to meet in May of 1787. The time had come to change the Articles.

Under the strictest of secrecy the delegates decided that an entirely new form of government was needed. There would be a strong national government which would have three branches and there would be a Constitution to guide the policies of that government. Of course it took a long time for the delegates to agree on these matters but they did eventually come to the end of their discussions and the Constitution at last was approved.

Readers who don’t know much about what happened after the exciting happenings of the Fourth of July 1776, will find that this story will help them understand how the United States came to have its current form of government. An engaging and well written text, and an easy to follow graphic novel format makes this story from history perfectly suited to readers who normally find non-fiction stories uninteresting.the