Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Clever Little Witch

The Clever Little Witch

Lieve Baeten
Illustrator:  Wietse Fossey 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
NorthSouth, 2012   ISBN: 978-0735840799

One morning, Lizzy the Little Witch and her pet, Cat, are eating their breakfast when they hear a strange thumping sound. When they go outside, they see that there is a suitcase sitting on Lizzy’s front porch. Lizzy is, of course, very curious to find out what is in the suitcase, and she takes it into her house so that she can “magic the suitcase open.”

Little Witch soon discovers that the suitcase does not respond to the spell at all, though everything else in the room does. This is a very strange situation, and since she cannot seem to make the spell work, she decides to go to find someone who can help her.

At the witch hospital, she shows the doctor that she knows the opening spell perfectly. When she casts the spell everything in the room opens. Except the suitcase. The doctor suggests that perhaps the suitcase is meant for “big witches” and that Lizzy should wait until she is “big and clever enough” to try opening it. Lizzy is not satisfied with this answer and she flies off to find someone else to help her.

At the train station, Lizzie explains her problem to Traveling Witch and demonstrates, once again, how the spell works on everything except the suitcase. Traveling Witch tells Lizzie that she should wait until she is big and clever enough to figure out how to open the suitcase. How very provoking! Surely there is something Lizzy can do to get the suitcase open.

In this charming picture book, we meet a little witch who is faced with a puzzling mystery that she is determined to solve. Young readers will be delighted to see how Lizzy rises to the occasion, and they will be tickled pink when they find out what the little suitcase is really for.

With wonderful moonlit illustrations, and pages that fold out, this is a picture book that any child who likes puzzles will appreciate.