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The Clementine Rose Busy Day Book

The Clementine Rose Busy Day Book

Jacqueline Harvey
Activity Book
For ages 7 to 9
Random House Australia, 2015   ISBN: 978-0857984111

Clementine Rose lives in a large rather shabby house with her mother, Uncle Digby the butler, Aunt Violet, and Clementine Rose’s pet teacup pig, who is called Lavender. Though Aunt Violet if often grouchy and mean, she is still family, and everyone in the house gets along most of the time.

Clementine Rose is a friendly little girl who is eager to share her life with us, which is what she does in this splendid day book. The book is packed with activities to try, some of which introduce us to the people and places in Clementine Rose’s life, and some of which introduce us to Clementine Rose.

Clementine Rose begins by introducing us to her family and then she invites us to show her what our family looks like. We are asked to draw (or stick in) pictures of our family members in the space provided in the day book. She then asks us what we like best about our family. In Clementine Rose’s house there are portraits of her relatives on the walls and she invites us to draw pictures of some of our relatives in the empty frames that she provides for us.

We then go on tell or show Clementine Rose about our friends, our home, our school, the town or city we live in, our pets, excursions we have been on, and more. At the same time we learn about Clementine Rose’s world, and it isn’t long before we start to feel that we know her very well indeed.

As children explore this book, they will find coloring projects to try, crossword puzzles and word searches to complete, mix and match activities to solve, recipes to try, and more. With Clementine Rose as their companion they will have plenty to do.