Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Christmas Surprise

The Christmas Surprise

A.J. Wood
Illustrator:  Maggie Kneen 
Novelty Book
For ages 2 to 4
Chronicle Books, 2001   ISBN: 978-0811832106

Each of the little pigs in the Piggletoe family are thinking about the wonderful things that they can expect to enjoy the next day, on Christmas day. For one little pig child presents are on his mind; for another the stockings are the treasure; for a third it is the Christmas feast with its "tasty treats" which is the true delight of the day.

Soon the little pigs are in bed and all is ready for Christmas day. There is littlest pig in the family who still has not told us what she thinks is the best part of Christmas and indeed she is beginning to wonder if her favourite part of the special day is going to arrive on time. As it happens, she need not have worried for the little piglets Christmas Surprise arrives after all.

Fold out pages and artwork picked out with cut-outs and foil inserts add to this simple rhyming little story which highlights the fact that some Christmas gifts cannot be bought, or made, or wrapped up in gold paper.