Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Christmas Humbugs

The Christmas Humbugs

Colleen Monroe
Illustrator:  Michael Glenn Monroe 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 10
Sleeping Bear Press, 2002   ISBN: 978-1585362714

Sometimes, on a wintry evening, a little group of creatures called Humbugs will come to your home. They are out to have a little fun and the kinds of things they like to do are to play a few tricks and to make a little mischief. Among other things the little green Humbugs with their jingle bell antennae and their candy stripe socks love to mess up Christmas trees, moving the ornaments and playing with the small light bulbs. Then there are the stockings that they have to make holes in and the candy canes that they have to break. Don?t forget the wrapping paper that they like to tear.

And yet, in spite of all their efforts, there is nothing that they can do in a house where the Christmas spirit is strong for in such homes all their naughty work is undone and all is put to rights once more.

The author has found both a clever and an amusing way to show us that Christmas is much more than the cookies that we eat, the decorations on the tree, and the presents that we look forward to. Christmas is also a feeling and a spirit that minor annoyances and accidents cannot ruin if that feeling is strong and true. So dear reader, beware of the Humbugs who may be visiting your home this Christmas. Is your Christmas spirit strong enough to send them on their way?

Children will love the funny looking little Humbugs and will certainly delight in all the naughty things they do. At last they will find out why the lights on their Christmas tree sometimes fail to work.