Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Boy, The Bear, The Baron, The Bard

The Boy, The Bear, The Baron, The Bard

Gregory Rogers
Wordless Picture Book
For ages 6 and up
Roaring Brook, 2004   ISBN: 978-1596430099

A small boy kicks his football through a window and when he goes to look for it he finds himself inside an old abandoned theatre. He gets himself dressed up in a wonderful Elizabethan style outfit and wanders onto the stage and then... he finds himself on stage in a very different theatre, a theatre of many hundreds of years ago. Now he is on the stage of the globe theatre, Shakespeare's Globe theatre, and the great man himself is not at all happy to see a strange little boy on his stage disrupting his play. Then the great man slips on the boy's ball and his rage reaches boiling point. Now all the bard cares about is catching, and no doubt punishing, the little boy.

With Shakespeare in hot pursuit the little boy sets off on a wonderful adventure in Queen Elizabeth?s London. He begins by rescuing a bear who was supposed to go into the fighting ring. The two soon are fast friends and together they set off to see London. Unfortunately they are unable to throw of the persistent Shakespeare who catches up with them. Hiding in the Tower of London they meet a prisoner there, a Baron, whom they rescue.

What follows is a glorious trip on the Thames, a meeting with a queen and some very sad farewells for the new friends.

This remarkable wordless book is funny, full of charm, and is packed with characters whom one cannot help growing fond of. We also cannot help thoroughly disliking Shakespeare with his sharp pointy nose and angry eyes. Surely our heroes are not going to get caught by this villainous man?