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The Blue and green ark: An alphabet for the planet

The Blue and green ark: An alphabet for the planet

Brian Patten
Illustrator:  Eleven notable children's book illu 
Poetry Picture Book
For ages 5 and up
Scholastic, 2000   ISBN: 0439079691

If you ever think that our world is a dull, dreary, ugly place take the time to stop and think. Think about all the beautiful, miraculous things that surround us. Think about our past with its dinosaurs, its early man, its great ice ages and its fiery volcanoes. Think about the stars and planets in the heavens and that as a far as we know we are the only blue green planet in existence.

There are all the wonderful plants and animals that share this planet with us; the gorillas, kingfishers, the narwhal, and the nightingale. Each living thing being a miracle and precious gift to us all.

Presented in the form of an alphabet book, this collection of twenty six poems paints incredibly beautiful images of the wonderful things that exist in our world. It also paints images of the creatures that are now extinct and of the places that are now in danger of disappearing. For if we no not "cherish/The Blue and Green Ark Adrift in the Dark" we will surely loose all these wonders.

Beautiful illustrations created by ten of the world's most well-known illustrators including Helen Ward, David Armitage, and Patrick Benson, are found throughout this one-of-a- kind volume.