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The Big Green Book: How you can help save the planet

The Big Green Book: How you can help save the planet

Ian Winton, Fred Peace
, Illustrator:  Piers Harper 
Nonfiction Novelty Book
For ages 6 to 8
Random House UK, 2010   ISBN: 978-1905811434

Earth is the only planet in our solar system that is “home to living things.” The reason for this is that, among other things, its temperature is “just right” for life. It is just the right distance from the sun, and it has an atmosphere full of gases that serves as a “blanket” around the planet. Plants and animals create this blanket for us, and it has been taking care of our planet for millions of years. Now our blanket is in jeopardy.

We are doing this by damaging “the lungs of the Earth,” the rainforests. Unfortunately, we are also affecting many other areas of the world as well. We are polluting water and interfering with Earth’s “natural cleaning and recycling system.” We are also stressing the planet because there are too many of us. We build megacities that use up enormous amounts of the Earth’s resources.

Because we are not taking care of it, the Earth is getting hotter. During the short time we have been on the planet, humans have managed to mess up a system that took millions of years to build. What are we going to do about this situation?

In this clever novelty book, readers will find lots of information about the dangers our planet faces. In addition, the authors show children what they can do to help protect the environment. Pop-ups, tabs to pull, dials to turn, and other novelty features make every spread in this book engaging and unique.