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The Best Eid Ever

The Best Eid Ever

Asma Mobin-Uddin
Illustrator:  Laura Jacobsen 
Picture Book
For ages 7 to 9
Boyds Mills Press, 2007   ISBN: 978-1590784310

When Aneesa wakes up on the morning of the Eid she remembers the Eid last year when she was able to celebrate this special holiday with her parents. This year her mother and father are away in Saudi Arabia and she misses them terribly. Then Aneesa’s grandmother comes into her bedroom and gives Aneesa her Eid gift, three complete outfits including shoes and bangles– one for each day of the Eid.

After getting dressed in one of her new sets of clothes Aneesa and her Nonni go to the mosque for the special prayers for Eid. After the prayers are over Aneesa meets two girls who are having a far more difficult Eid than she is. Mariam and Zayneb recently fled their homeland because of a war and they will not be able to have new clothes this Eid. They also do not get to see their father much because he has to work all the time.

Aneesa cannot stop thinking about the two refugee girls and she decides that she has to do something to help them. After all helping others is part of what makes a person good and it is right that a person should help another on the Eid.

This delightful story truly captures the essence of the Eid holiday. In helping others who are less fortunate then herself Aneesa not only sets aside the loneliness that she feels for her parents for a while, but she also learns how rewarding it is to give to others. In addition the father of the two little girls learns that there is nothing wrong with accepting gifts that are kindly and freely given.