Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Bear’s Song

The Bear’s Song

Benjamin Chaud
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Chronicle Books, 2013   ISBN: 978-1452114248

It is winter and Papa Bear is fast asleep in his den, but Little Bear is thinking about honey so hard that he cannot “hear winter’s whisper.” He hears a buzzing sound and instead of cuddling next to his father and going to sleep, Little Bear trots off to find bees. After all, everyone knows that a buzzing noise must mean that bees are not too far off.

   Papa Bear wakes up to discover that his little son has “run off,” and being the wonderful father that he is, Papa Bear searches the forest for Little Bear. The poor parent searches and searches until he comes to the big city where there are people, dogs, cars, and buildings everywhere. Papa Bear looks for “two fuzzy ears,” hoping that his son is somewhere in the crowd.

   Then at last Papa Bear spots his cub, who is chasing a little bee into a huge building. Without a thought Papa Bear runs into the building, which is the opera house. It is full of people of all kinds, and sporting a top hat, cane and evening scarf, Papa Bear searches the opera house for his wayward child, who, it turns out, is still chasing that bee.

   Children are going to love the story and artwork in this large format picture book. Most of the spreads are packed with details that children can explore to their heart’s content as they look for Little Bear and his bee. The pace is fast and furious as the chase progresses, until, at long last, Papa Bear’s search comes to a screeching halt, which is when things slow down and we watch, with bated breath, to see what is going to happen next.