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The Adventures of Hector Fuller: Hector Finds Fortune

The Adventures of Hector Fuller: Hector Finds Fortune

Elizabeth Shreeve
Illustrator:  Pamela R. Levy 
Fiction  Series
For ages 6 to 9
Simon and Schuster, 2004   ISBN: 978-0689864155

Hector Fuller, the wumblebug, likes the quiet life and when he gets a letter from his uncle Baxter inviting Hector to come and work on Baxter?s bee farm Hector is far from enthusiastic. Hector?s friends however think that this might be a good opportunity and encourage him to go. In fact Lance Lacewing thinks it is such a good idea that he decides to go to Baxter?s farm with Hector. Before Hector can really object he finds himself walking up the stream with Lance towards the meadow where Uncle Baxter has his bee farm.

Now Hector does not have a great deal of confidence in himself but he soon finds, as the two insects encounter all sorts of problems and meet all sorts of creatures, that he is a lot braver and more resourceful than he thought.

When Lance and Hector finally get to the meadow Hector finds that his irascible and grumpy relative has plans for Hector. The problem is that Hector isn?t at all keen to be a part of his uncle's plans. It seems as if the two wumblebugs have nothing in common. How is Hector going to get out of this mess?

There is no doubt that Hector Fuller is a very special insect indeed and one cannot help identifying with his worries, his love of his home, and his affection for his friends. The author seamlessly weaves all sorts of natural history facts into her story and we meet all sorts of insects, all of whom have very individual personalities. We even encounter a praying mantis who would eat Hector if his kind didn't taste so "nasty." Realistic and at the same time entertaining and amusing, this book is one of several in the Hector Fuller series.