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The Adventures of Hector Fuller: Hector Afloat

The Adventures of Hector Fuller: Hector Afloat

Elizabeth Shreeve
Illustrator:  Pamela R. Levy 
Fiction  Series
For ages 6 to 9
Simon and Schuster, 2004   ISBN: 978-0689864162

It is a very wet and rainy day and Hector and his best friends are having a pleasant time in each others company. After everyone goes home (except Frederica the spider who is sleeping over) Hector settles down to sleep in his favourite chair with the sound of the falling rain in his ears. When he wakes up there is a new sounds all around him, the sound of flowing, rushing, moving water. Poor Hector finds that his lovely home under the ground is flooded and before he has time to do much of everything Hector and Frederica are swept out of Hector?s home and into a flooded world.

Everything has changed outside and the lives of many creatures are turned upside down. Hector rescues a baby snapping turtle, finds a boat to travel on, and hopes all the while that his friends are all right. Before long Hector finds his friends and together they travel on Hector?s boat trying to find dry land.

Packed with wonderful zoological information about all kinds of creatures, this new Hector adventure takes Hector and the reader on a wonderful journey of adventure and self-discovery. Hector learns that losing his home was not such a tragedy. After all he still has his friends and despite everything, he is in one piece and able to start digging a new wumblebug hole as soon as he finds the right location.