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The A to Z guide to Letter Art

The A to Z guide to Letter Art

Illustrator:  Patricia Doherty 
Nonfiction Drawing Book
For ages 10 to 16
American Girl, 2008   ISBN: 978-1593694111

Many of us love to make things with our hands, and sometimes the hardest part is finding ways to make written embellishments attractive. How does one create labels, tags and cards that are artistic and different? This book is full of alphabets that crafters can use to glam up their craft projects.

Do you have lots of miscellaneous buttons lying around? Then try the "B is for button" alphabet. Use buttons to create letter art that is "as cute as a button." If you are into letter art that is glamorous, try the "C is for curlicues" letter art or the "J is for Jewels" style. Thank you notes and get-well cards embellished with these letters will delight the lucky people who receive them. If you have pieces of yarn tucked into drawers and baskets around your home, then you will find the "Y is for yarn" alphabet very useful.

There is an alphabet for everyone in this book, and the photographs that demonstrate the use of the alphabets are sure to inspire young crafters.