Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Teatro Olivia

Teatro Olivia

Ian Falconer
Novelty Book
For ages 6 to 8
Rizzoli, 2005   ISBN: 978-0689878169

Olivia and her little brother Simon are going to be performing a ballet, a play, and an opera. These are Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet and Turandot. To do this they have almost everything they need. There is a playbill with the storylines for each of the performances, a theatre, backdrops, and costumes. All you need to do is find some music, set everything up, and you are off.

With nine Olivias and thee Simons to use on the easy-to-assemble stage, children will have a wonderful time putting on shows of their own. In all there are ten backdrops to place on the stage, including one which will allow Olivia to do her balcony scene from a vantage point. The stories for the three performances are written up in the playbill, and Olivia fans will have a good giggle as they read the information about the players. On the back of the playbill there are directions, with illustrations, to show young thespians how to set up the stage. There are also suggestions for "other ideas" as well. When it is show time the theater folds out and is very sturdy. When the curtain closes all the accessories are stored in a cunning drawer under the folded up theater.

This delightful theatre will make a terrific gift for a child who enjoys the theater and/or who loves Olivia.