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Tashi and the Giants

Tashi and the Giants

Barbara Fienberg
Illustrator:  Kim Gamble 
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Allen and Unwin, 2007   ISBN: 978-1741149661

One day Jack is so eager to hear another of his new friend Tashi’s stories that he runs all the way to school. Soon enough he is hearing all about how Tashi had an encounter with the great giant Chintu. Chintu was very annoyed because Tashi had upset Chintu’s friend the dragon. In a fury the giant went to Tashi’s village and demanded that Tashi be delivered up to him. The villagers would not comply but Tashi, afraid of what might happened to his family and friends, slipped out of the village later and went to the giant’s home. He was determined that he would try to get the giant to calm down and be reasonable.

When he got there Tashi discovered that Chintu had imprisoned his wife in an iron cage. He freed Mrs Chintu hoping she would help him with his problem with her husband but instead he found himself in a terrible situation. Both giants demanded that he referee in a dumpling competition and both threatened to eat him if he did not choose their dumpling. What was Tashi going too do to avoid having to choose?

Jack loves hearing this story and not many days later he is able to tell his father another of Tashi’s wonderful tales. This time it is about how Tashi was captured by some bandits. Thankfully for the bandits and for Tashi, Tashi made a very bad bandit and he was sent home.

Children who like fairy tales will find Tashi’s stories irresistible. The stories are perfect for children who are eager to read on their own. With wonderful pencil drawings to break up the text and challenging words to keep things interesting, Tashi’s adventures will keep young readers enthralled from the first page to the last.