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Tashi and the Ghosts

Tashi and the Ghosts

Barbara Fienberg
Illustrator:  Kim Gamble 
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Allen and Unwin, 2007   ISBN: 978-1741149678

Jack and his parents are just finishing their dinner when he asks his parents what they think his friend Tashi is having for his meal that night. They try to guess but they don’t even come close. Tashi is having Ghost Pie for dinner. Of course Jack then has to explain why it is that Tashi is having ghost pie for dinner.

Jack explains how Tashi, after outwitting the bandits in his last adventure, came home to find that there was a ghost light shining in the forest outside his village. The next day there were even more lights and the ghost monsters were closing in on the village. The villagers tried scaring them off with loud noises and this worked – but only for a short time. Tashi decided to go and ask his uncle for advice. His uncle, who liked to look at the stars and planets, looked at his charts and books and saw that the moon was going to eclipse in just a few days time. Clearly the monster ghosts were coming together in response to the eclipse.

Tashi, being a clever little fellow, developed a plan. He waited for two more days and then he went out into the forest at night when the ghost monsters were at their thickest. Tashi came face to face with the leader ghost and he threatened him. The leader ghost was not willing to believe Tashi at first until Tashi offered to prove that his threats were genuine. And he did – in a truly spectacular way.

In this delightful Tashi book readers will not only find out how Tashi acquires the secret recipe for ghost pie, but they will also get to enjoy an additional tale which describes how Tashi gets the better of a wicked Baron.

Wonderful pencil illustrations can be found throughout the book which breaks up the text nicely and which gives readers wonderful views of Tashi saving the day for his friends and family.

This is the third book in the Tashi series, a series which combines a wonderful collection of fantastical stories with the account of a friendship between two little boys.