Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Take a Look: More Fun Together!

Take a Look: More Fun Together!

Liesbet Slegers
Novelty Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Clavis, 2018   ISBN: 978-1605373829

For many of us, time alone is something that we need to have on a regular basis. When we are alone we are able to think through problems and make plans. For the rest of the time we prefer to have companionship because so often it is “more fun” to share our lives with others.

On the first page of this book we see a little bear that is resting in the grass. When we first look at the bear it appears to be alone, but when we slide the bear’s page apart we discover that the animal has a companion sleeping by its side.

Next we join a little rabbit in her burrow. She seems to be alone but when we open up her page we discover that she shares her burrow home with five little baby rabbits.

Our next animal visitor is a pretty tabby cat. It is playing with the end of a ball of yarn and seems to be having a good time. When we open up the page we discover why the tabby looks so happy. It is playing with an orange cat, who is has tangled the yarn all around its body.

In this book children get to meet six different animal characters, all of whom are in the company of a companion or companions. Children will surely enjoy sliding out the pages to find out who is hiding out of sight.