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Sweetheart Fairy Wings

Sweetheart Fairy Wings

Cecile Schoberle
Illustrator:  Kathy Couri 
Novelty Book
For ages 3 to 6
Simon and Schuster, 2003   ISBN: 978-1416911623

Every morning the Sweetheart Fairies come out at dawn. They are there whenever a person smiles or shares a kiss or a hug, or when a person says a kind word or does a kind deed. On a cold winter?s day down at the pond Maggie and her brother and their friends find that they are surrounded by the magic of the Sweetheart Fairies.

Down at the bakery Erin is busily taking cookies out of the oven and the Sweetheart Fairies are adding their own brand of sweetness to the baked goods. Because they" love to bring friends together" the Fairies whisper something in Erin?s ear and she invites her friend Jackie, who is walking by, to come into the shop to share the day with her.

All over town the Sweetheart Fairies weave their magic, spreading happiness wherever they go, and as they create happiness so too do they gain happiness from the faces and hearts of the people about them.

Little girls will love this warm little story about a family of special fairies who spread happiness about them wherever they go. They will especially love the little wings and wand that come with the book which will allow them to pretend to be a Sweetheart Fairy to their heart?s content. This fairy ?kit? also includes more that sixty foil stickers.