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Sweep: Book of Shadows Audio

Sweep: Book of Shadows Audio

Cate Tiernan
For ages 14 and up
Unabridged audiobook (CD)
Performed/read by: Julia Whelan
Blackstone Audio, Inc., 2011   ISBN: 978-1441789952

Morgan has always considered herself to be ordinary and unremarkable. Her best friend Bree is beautiful and popular, her sister is pretty and cute, and she is well…just herself. Her life is ordinary too. Nothing very exciting happens. Then a new boy comes to Morgan’s school and everything changes. Cal is gorgeous and interesting, and everyone is taken with him. Despite herself, Morgan is drawn to Cal, and when he invites everyone to a party, she is eager to go.

The party takes place in the middle of nowhere and Cal explains that they are celebrating Mabon, the Wiccan Autumn Equinox celebration. Everyone is amazed to find out that Cal is a follower of Wicca, and some of the invitees leave the party. Bree, Morgan and some of their friends remain, curious to see what the rite is like. For some reason Morgan reacts very strongly to the simple rite that they perform. From that day on Morgan is drawn to Wicca and she wants to find out more.

Not long after this first gathering, Bree and Morgan go to a local occult bookstore where they find and buy several books about the religion and its history. With every passing day, Morgan feels that the pull of Wicca is getting stronger. It excites and frightens her both.

Then Morgan’s parents find the books that she bought, and her mother freaks out. Wicca frightens her and she does not want Morgan to have anything to do with it. Morgan loves and respects her parents and she tries to do as they ask. She feels as if she is being pulled in several directions, and this situation only gets worse when she and Bree have a terrible fight. How did her boring and ordinary life become so complicated? Somehow she knows that she is meant to become a witch, and yet so many obstacles stand in her way.

This is the first title in what promises to be a fascinating series. Cate Tiernan explores the many issues that face teenagers today, such as relationship, problems with parents, friendships, and trying to find a place to fit in. The Wicca adds an extra layer to the story that provides an interesting backdrop for the struggles that the characters experience.

Julia Whelan’s narrative is spirited, often poignant, and she beautifully captures Morgan’s voice and her personality.