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Suddenly Supernatural: School Spirit

Suddenly Supernatural: School Spirit

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Fiction  Series
For ages 9 to 12
Little Brown, 2008   ISBN: 0316066834

Kat has a problem – her mother. She loves her mother very much, and they get along really well, but Kat’s mother has a strange profession, she is a medium. Kat is in a new school, and all she wants is to be normal, to fit in. How is she supposed to do this if her classmates find out that Kat’s mother communicates with dead people? To make matters worse, not long ago, when Kat turned thirteen, she developed the ability to see the dead too. What if she does not want to follow in her mother’s footsteps?

When her attempt to make friends with the class queen fails, Kat starts to spend time with Jac, a new girl who plays the cello. It isn’t long before the girls are good friends, and Kat eventually tells Jac her secret. Instead of being scared off, Jac is fascinated, and when a dead girl in their school seems to need Kat’s assistance, Jac is happy to help. Jac has her own secret, and it turns out that her gift for playing the cello has a great deal to do with Kat’s first effort to help a ghost.

In this delightful title, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel seamlessly combines supernatural goings-on with the everyday problems that young teens face. With humor, poignancy, and a delightful helping of fantasy, this book is both entertaining and thought provoking.