Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Stick Man

Stick Man

Julia Donaldson
Illustrator:  Axel Scheffler 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 8
Scholastic, 2008   ISBN: 0545157617

One day Stick Man, who lives in a tree with his “Stick Lady Love” and their three children, goes for a jog. Unfortunately, he is seen by a dog. The dog quickly catches Stick Man and he proceeds to play fetch with him.

Thankfully, the park keeper sees the dog and he explains to the dog’s owner that dogs are not allowed to roam free in the park. Stick Man is free – for a short while. Alas for Stick Man, for a girl sees him and she begins to play with him in the river. Poor Stick Man floats down the river and far away from his family tree. What is he to do? When will his dreadful adventure end? Will he be able to get home in time for Christmas?

This charming rhyming picture book celebrates the strong feelings that one very special man has for his family. Throughout his ordeal, Stick Man never forgets his wife and his children, and even when he is dire straits, he still does his best to help someone else who is in trouble.