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Start to Batik

Start to Batik

Rosi Robinson
Nonfiction craft book
For ages 9 and up
Search Press, 2009   ISBN: 978-1844483532

Batik is an art from that has been popular for over two thousand years. Traditionally batik fabric was turned into clothing, but nowadays fabrics with batik designs on them are also used to make accessories, linens, and decorations.

Basically, batik designs are created by using wax and resist dyes. A piece of fabric has wax poured or dripped on to sections of it, and then it is dyed. The waxed areas don’t pick up the dye because wax is resistant to dyes and a design is formed.

After explaining this basic concept, the author goes on to talk about what the materials are needed to make batik designs. Crafters are going to need wax, a pot to melt the wax in, tools for applying the wax (brushes and stamps are a good place to start), dyes, paper, and fabric. The author also provides us with a list of additional tools and materials that are useful to have, such as rubber gloves, masking tape, and thumb tacks.

Next, the author shows us a variety of batik making techniques. You can see how to prepare the fabric and the wax, how to apply the wax and then the dye, and then how to remove the wax when the dyeing process is complete.

Once you have experimented a little, you can start trying the projects in the book. The author starts with a pink and orange scarf, a project that will teach you how to do both dip dyeing and hand painting. Crafters are given a list of materials and tools that they will need, and then the process is described using both text and photos.

Other projects in the book include a piece of Aboriginal art, a sunflower bag, and a dotty book cover. Throughout the book, there are additional photographs that show crafters that they can use the methods described to create all kinds of different designs and looks.

With easy to follow directions and colorful photos throughout, this is an excellent book for young crafters who are interested in learning how to make create batik designs.