Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Stanley's Wild Ride

Stanley's Wild Ride

Linda Bailey
Illustrator:  Bill Slavin 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 3 to 7
Kids Can Press, 2006   ISBN: 978-1553379607

Stanley the dog has a very boring existence, and he is heartily fed up with having to look at the same old things repeatedly as he lies inside the fence day after day. One night though, Stanley discovers that there is a little hole under the fence, and in pretty short order he makes the hole just big enough to accommodate a dog. Soon Stanley is out on the loose and having the time of his life. His best friends Alice, Nutsy, Elwood, and Gassy Jack also manage to break out of their respective yards and homes, and the five dogs have a wonderful time running up and down streets, sniffing whatever they like and doing all those things that dogs like to do.

Then, at the top of a hill, Stanley discovers a skateboard, and from that moment on, the dog's night of revelry turns into something quite out of the ordinary.

This deliciously funny picture book will give dog lovers of all ages a wonderful laugh. Highly textured acrylic artwork captures the excitement of the night and the sheer feeling of joie de vivre that the dogs experience as they enjoy their elicit freedom.