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Stanley Goes For a Drive

Stanley Goes For a Drive

Craig Frazier
Picture Book  Series
For ages 3 to 5
Chronicle Books, 2004   ISBN: 978-0811844291

One day Stanley gets into his old pickup truck and goes for a drive, "with little on his mind." It is summer and everything is hot and dusty, baked by the sun to a crisp it would seem. There isn't a single cool and refreshing thing in sight.

Then Stanley comes up with a remarkable, magical, and seemingly very simple idea. As a result, everything changes around him and the world is suddenly a much pleasanter place for everyone. The cows are especially pleased with Stanley's little bit of  "magic."

This book must indeed have been written for those of us who get tired of the hot days of summer, who long to hear the sound of rain on the roof, and who are eager for the cool days of autumn. Indeed this unique book is like a blast a fresh air, a reminder that fall will come soon and bring with it all the joys of that season.

With minimalist hand drawn artwork, bold solid colours, and nominal text, the author tells a powerful story which leaves the reader feeling both delighted and perhaps a little dazed on the last page. This is a truly startling and memorable picture book.