Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Spring Story

Spring Story

Jill Barklem
Picture Book  Series
For ages 6 and up
Simon and Schuster, 2000   ISBN: 978-0689830587

It is a lovely spring day and Wilfred Toadflax, a little boy mouse, is very excited. It is his birthday and he has great hopes for the day. It begins with Wilfred waking up his parents very early so that they can give him his gifts. One of the presents is a whistle which he is soon tooting on very happily.

Outside, Wilfred runs into Mr. Apple. Wilfred tells Mr. Apple that it is his birthday and the kindly mouse takes Wilfred off to his work place, the Store Stump, to explore and to have some sweets. Once Wilfred has gone, Mr. Apple gets to work; he has an idea, a terrific idea, for celebrating little Wilfred’s birthday. He thinks it would be wonderful to give Wilfred a surprise picnic party.

Soon all the mice and their friends are busy getting ready for the picnic party. Now, Wilfred knows that there is going to be an event but he doesn’t know what it is for and he has a dreadful time being a good mouse. Wilfred’s mother told him that he could only go to the picnic if he behaves himself.

Wilfred finds out that there is more than a wonderful picnic taking place in Brambly Hedge, for there is also another surprise awaiting him.

With delightfully cunning detailed illustrations which offer the reader so much to look at, this is a wonderful little book to explore. With blossoms on the trees, new grass carpeting the ground, and flowers blooming everywhere, one can almost hear the humming of bees. It is almost as if one was in Brambly Hedge, enjoying a lovely bright spring day with all the little mice.

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