Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Snuggle Up with Mother Goose

Snuggle Up with Mother Goose

Edited by Iona Opie
Illustrator:   Rosemary Wells 
Poetry Board Book
For ages 1 to 4
Candlewick, 2015   ISBN: 978-0763678678

The sun is up and it is time to wake up and get going for there are “Peas in the pot and a hoe-cake baking,” and soon we will start our day.

We need to brush our hair and warm our hands by the fire. Some of the men “are gone to plow” while others have gone to sea in a boat and maybe, in the evening, children will have “a fish / In a little dishy / When the boat comes in.” For those who stay at home there are dishes to wash and wipe, and tea that has to be made.

In this wonderful board book Iona Opie has brought together sixteen nursery rhymes that carry us through a day from sun up to sunset. Some of them gentle and soothing, others are funny and sweet. The lines of verse celebrate the beauty of the written word, and introduce babies and little children to some of the gems in the English language that were written just for them.