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Snow, Snow: Winter Poems for Children

Snow, Snow: Winter Poems for Children

Jane Yolen
Photographer: Jason Stemple
Poetry Picture Book
For ages 7 to 10
Boyds Mills Press, 2005   ISBN: 1590783468

For many people snow is a “cold and wet and sometimes inconvenient” problem to deal with during the months of winter. For others, snow is something that turns the outdoors into a magical playground. It is something that transforms the landscape into a beautiful glittery world that is full of promise.

For this special collection of poems, Jane Yolen has created thirteen poems that are perfectly paired with Jason Stemple’s gorgeous photographs to give readers, young and old, a picture (in words and images) of snowy woods, skiers going down a mountainside, a snowmobile flying through the air, and more.

We find out “what is cold and plump / And billows,” and we see how snowy trees look as if someone has painted them in the night so that they are now “As white as wool” wearing “A diamond crown.”

With language rich with beautiful imagery, and with touches with humor here and there, this collection is just the thing to share with someone on a chilly winter day.