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Snow Bunny's Christmas Wish

Snow Bunny's Christmas Wish

Rebecca Harry
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Scholastic, 2013   ISBN: 978-0545541039

Snow Bunny lives by herself in the woods. She has a happy life and the only thing she is missing is a friend. So, on Christmas Eve, Snow Bunny writes to Santa and in her letter she asks “For Christmas please may I have a friend? This is the only present I truly want.” Snow Bunny addresses and seals her letter and then goes outside to give the letter to the postman but she is too late. Red Robin Postman has just left and if Snow Bunny wants Santa to get her letter she is going to have to deliver it herself.

Snow Bunny takes a look at a map. She knows that all she really needs to do is to follow the North Star to find Santa’s house. She rolls up and packs the map in a bag, along with her letter to Santa, some mittens, and some frosted cookies. Then Snow Bunny sets off.

Snow Bunny does not get far before she sees something shining through the trees. She hopes it is the North Star, but in fact it is the moon reflecting off a frozen pond. Three large bears are skating on the pond, and sitting in the snow nearby is a small bear cub who is unhappy because its paws are so cold. Being a kindly animal, Snow Bunny gives the cub the mittens that she brought along with her and then she continues her journey. Hopefully she will see the North Star soon.

In this sweet holiday story children will meet a kindly little rabbit who, though she has something that she wants to do, still manages to find the time to help others as she makes her way to Santa’s house. Children will be delighted when they see how Snow Bunny’s story ends.