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Snippet the Early Riser

Snippet the Early Riser

Bethanie Deeney Murgia
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Random House, 2013   ISBN: 978-1582464602

Snippet the snail was, in many ways, quite an ordinary sort of snail. Like his sister, he drew on the sidewalk, he made leaf sculptures, he played soccer using woodlice as a ball, and he liked piggyback rides.

   The one thing that was different about Snippet was that he did not like to “snooze all morning.” Instead, when the run rose, Snippet was full of beans and he was eager to play. Unfortunately, his parents and sister could not be roused, no matter what Snippet did. Snippet could not understand why he had “a family of slugs.”

   Grasshopper suggested that they bounce on the leaf that Snippet’s parents and sister are sleeping on. Though they bounced with enthusiasm, the slumbering snails slumbered on. Cricket thought that they could make music to wake them up, and Ant thought that pushing them out of bed was the way to go. Nothing worked.

   Children are going to love this sweetly funny picture book. Who can resist a little snail who has his own schedule and who gets annoyed with his family don’t have the same schedule. With a perfect ending and winsome illustrations throughout, this picture book is sure to become a family or classroom favorite.