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Smart Kids: Dino IQ

Smart Kids: Dino IQ

Roger Priddy
Novelty Book
For ages 5 to 8
Priddy Books, 2006   ISBN: 978-0312496982

Dinosaurs lived on our planet a long time. In fact they lived here longer than any other group of animals and their size, appearance and diversity has fascinated people of all ages for many years now. In the large format book in this set young readers will find out all about the basic kinds of dinosaurs. Large colorful pictures of dinosaurs fill the pages and readers will find the “IQ Fact” items very interesting. Illustrations show how large the described dinosaurs were in relation to humans, and readers will learn how it is that we know so much about dinosaurs.

The poster in this set shows readers a “Dinosaur Time Line” and pictures of dinosaur fossils. It would make a great addition to the bedroom wall of a dinophile as would the twenty eight piece glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton.

Finally there is a board game to try which once again includes many interesting “IQ Fact” items.

This is a first rate introduction to a fascinating topic, made easily accessible and presented in a colorful and kid-friendly way.