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Sleep Tight, Little Bear

Sleep Tight, Little Bear

Martin Waddell
Illustrator:  Barbara Firth 
Picture Book with a DVD
For ages 4 to 6
Candlewick, 2005   ISBN: 076362439X

   Little Bear lives with Big Bear, who takes care of the youngster and watches over him. One day, while Big Bear is doing the housecleaning, Little Bear climbs the rocks above the cave where he lives with Big Bear and he finds a little cave that is just the right size for him.

   When Big Bear comes looking for him, Little Bear shows Big Bear his cave and with Big Bear’s help Little Bear brings a book, bedding, a toy and a few other necessities to the cave. Little Bear spends the whole day in the cave and then he asks Big Bear if he can eat his dinner and spend the night in the cave. What a grand adventure he is having!

   In this picture book children will meet a little bear who is eager to explore his world and to do things on his own for a change. His eagerness to have this adventure will surely feel familiar, as does the decision he makes after Big Bear puts him to bed.

   With sweetly warm illustrations and a loveable main character, this is a perfect book to share at just before bedtime.