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Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble

Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble

Judith Byron Schachner
Picture Book and audio CD  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Penguin, 2006   ISBN: 978-0525477549

Skippyjon Jones is in trouble again. This time he is building a pyramid of cat litter outside his litter box and his Mama is not at all happy with him. She is even more upset when she sees that he has been reading a National Leographic article about "The curse of the Cat-mummy." In no time flat Mama confiscates the magazine. She is sure that reading such material will give her little boy "nightmares" and "an upset tummy."

Needless to say Skippyjon pays no attention to what his Mama says. Instead he goes to his room, bounces on his bed, and makes the quick change from Siamese kitten to Chihuahua - or so he thinks. Now he is Skippito Friskito and in no time flat he is off to his closet so that he can go to Egypt to see a "mummito."

Floating on the Nile River in his big boy bed Skippito soon meets up with his old friends, the Chihuahua gang. They are riding on the back of a crocodile and they are off the Under World "where mummies rest in peas." The little dogs are sure that the peas are even better than the beans they usually eat.

Before he can accompany them Skippito has to answer the "Reedle of the Finx." Skippito is worried that he won't be able to answer the riddle but luckily the question is an easy one and soon enough he and his comrades are in the tomb of King Tootin-Tootin-Kitten-Kabootin. Now that he is here though Skippito begins to wonder if maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come here after all.

In this third Skippyjon Jones book Skippyjon once again lets his imagination run away with him. This time though he really does manage to bite off a little more than he really wants to chew. Thankfully he has his Mama to go home to when things get hairy who comforts him and makes him feel safe once more.

Without a doubt Judy Schachner really does appreciate how the minds of little children work. She has her mischievous little character mispronounce words and mix up ideas in the most realistic way. One cannot help laughing at the little boy cat who goes to Egypt and finds the Finx and peas instead of the Sphinx and peace.

Catchy rhymes, deliciously amusing illustrations, and a wonderful use of language makes this picture book a joy to read and to look at.

The book includes an audio CD of the author reading her book.