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Skippyjon Jones and the Treasure Hunt

Skippyjon Jones and the Treasure Hunt

Judy Schachner
Novelty Book  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Penguin, 2008   ISBN: 978-0448448176

Skippyjon Jones, the precocious Siamese kitten, is going on a treasure hunt and you are going to help him. First you need to read his story. After you have done so you can play Skippy's treasure hunt game. Be prepared to put your brain to work because the game requires that you use your memorizing skills.

For Skippy to be able to conduct his treasure hunt properly he has to wear his bandito mask. Can you find his mask on the pop-up game board? Now, can you find the matching mask tile?

Now that Skippyjon Jones has put on his mask he is transformed into El Skippito and he is off on his little horse to find treasure "far, far, away in Mexico." When he gets there El Skippito meets his friends, Los Chimichangos. The Los Chimichangos are a pack of Chihuahuas and you need to find the green Chihuahua tile on the game board. You also need to find the other, matching, green Chihuahua tile.

Young Skippyjon Jones fans are sure to enjoy this memory game and they will love the way in which the board for the game pops right out of the book when the book is opened. Children will also like the challenges that the text gives them. The story not only serves as a game guide, but it is also delightfully funny to read.