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Shrink Art Jewelry

Shrink Art Jewelry

Karen Phillips
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 8 to 12
Klutz, 2007   ISBN: 978-1591744375

Many crafty young people enjoy making jewelry. Often it doesn't take more than some chain, some beads, and a few accessories to create a one-of-a-kind piece. However, there are some artistic minded people who like to try new things, who like to stretch their imaginations a little, and to learn new skills. Using this kit, crafters who like to make jewelry can make pieces that are pretty, unique, and a lot of fun to make. The process that they will use to create the jewelry is very different from ordinary jewelry making techniques.

This kit includes all the major components that a crafter will need to make shrink plastic jewelry pieces. There are findings, some cord, beads, a ring roller, designs to trace, and many sheets of shrink plastic. Crafters will also need to find scissors, a hole puncher, colored pencils or markers, a cookie sheet, and a few other readily available items.

In the accompanying book the author begins with lists of tools and supplies. She then goes on to explain how to make a piece of shrink plastic jewelry. Readers will see how to trace a design onto the plastic, how to decorate their pieces, and how to punch a hole in their design. Next they will bake, cool, and then mount their jewelry. Every technique is described using easy-to-follow text, and the descriptions are illustrated with numerous illustrations and photographs.

Once the basic method is explained, the author goes on to show her audience how to create a wide variety of pieces using different finishing methods and design techniques. She shows crafters how they can make something unique using her ideas as a basis. They can add beads, connect many finished pieces together with jump rings, layer pieces to get a three-dimensional effect, and much more.

This kit would make a great gift for a young person who loves to make things with his or her hands. Crafters can make simple or complicated pieces, and there are so many design possibilities that there is truly something for everyone.