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Shoo, Fly Guy

Shoo, Fly Guy

Tedd Arnold
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Scholastic, 2006   ISBN: 978-0439639057

One day Fly Guy goes out for a little flight around the neighborhood. When he gets back he discovers that his boy, Buzz, has gone on a picnic. Fly Guy is all alone and he is hungry. And so the little insect flies off to see what he can find.

The first thing he spots appears to meet at least one of his fly food criteria. The Fly Guy likes to eat things that are "brown, oozy, lumpy, and smelly." This food is brown so it should be fine. But alas it is not, because the food is a boy's hamburger and he is not happy to see a fly land on his meal. Instead he tells Fly Guy to "Shoo."

Fly Guy flies away as fast as he can and starts to look for another source of food. He sees something that is "oozy" and quickly lands on the appetizing item. The problem is that the owner of the food is not pleased to have a fly on her piece of pizza and she tells him to "Shoo." Not only that but she also threatens Fly Guy with a fly swatter. What is poor Fly Guy to do?

Using three short and entertaining chapters, Tedd Arnold gives his readers a picture of what it is like to be the Fly Guy, a fly who just happens to be a young boy's pet. With wonderful cartoon style illustrations and a text that is perfectly suited to beginner readers, this is a title that young children will greatly enjoy.