Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Shapes All Around

Shapes All Around

Kate Riggs
Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Creative Editions, 2018   ISBN: 978-1568463179

One of the first things young children learn are basic shapes such as the circle, the triangle, and the square. Often children are shown images of things like balls, houses, and boxes to show them these shapes in our world. The thing that we so often forget is that many of these shapes can be found in nature too. All you need to do to see them is to look around.

In this wonderful board book Kate Riggs and Laetitia Devernay show us examples of basic shapes in the natural world. We begin, as is fitting, with that beautiful golden circle in the sky. Then we wander off into the wilderness where we are invited to “Climb a triangle to the top.” The triangular mountains are followed by the square of a blanket that is spread under a tree. We then dive into the sea where we swim with the fishes and where we see a star “washed in on the waves.” We then go on to see hexagons and an oval, and finally we are presented with a picture that is full of all kinds of shapes. Here we are invited to “Look for shapes wherever you go.”

In this unique little board book children are encouraged to see shapes around them, and to see these shapes in beautiful natural settings.