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Seven Little Mice Have Fun on the Ice

Seven Little Mice Have Fun on the Ice

Haruo Yamashita
Illustrator:  Kazuo Iwamura 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 6
NorthSouth, 2011   ISBN: 978-0735840485

It is wintertime, and the seven little mice are going down to the lake to skate. With their skate blades gliding, slipping, and sliding, they race out into the middle of the lake, where they find Little Weasel and his father cutting a hole in the ice. The seven little mice watch as Little Weasel drops his fishing line into the water and as he catches several fish.

That evening the little mice try to persuade their parents to take them ice fishing the next day. Unfortunately, their father has to work and their mother is “afraid of slipping on the ice.” How frustrating!

The seven little mice are not willing to give up quite yet, and with their father’s help, they begin to hatch a plan. Somehow, they have to get their mother out onto the ice the following day so that they can all go ice fishing.

In this charming seasonal picture book, Haruo Yamashita’s story is perfectly paired with Kazuo Iwamura’s appealing illustrations to give young children a warming winter adventure. Readers who enjoy this book might also like to read Seven Little Mice go to School.